Whether you have 2 incoming lines or 2000, Applied IT Systems may be able to help you.

Our FREE communications assessment & bill analysis will determine exactly how much we can save you!

The table below can be used as a guide when comparing Phone Carrier call rates.



Research shows that there are certain things every customer wants when considering a new phone system. These include:

Eliminate line rental costs

For only $49.95 Applied IT System’s multi-voice service delivers unlimited* simultaneous phone calls. Never pay for line rental again.

Reduce calls costs

Call rates from as little as 10c (GST incl) to anywhere in Australia including:

–       10c untimed local calls

–       10c standard national calls

–       26c/min standard calls to mobiles (billed in 1 sec increments with no flag fall)

–       25c untimed calls to 13/1300 numbers

–       International IDD calls from as low as 1.5c/min

Easily expand the phone system or the number of phone lines

IP Phones systems are scalable (grow easily) and can be expanded to incorporate additional lines, handsets, extensions or features via web-based management systems. The phone system can grow with your business.  You also avoid the connection fees and tech site visits traditional carriers charge for additional lines or services.

Clarity of calls

IP Telephony takes analogue signals and converts them into digital signals which are guaranteed to retain their quality.  Our business grade network ensures your calls always sound crystal clear.

Reliability & guaranteed up time of your phone system

Applied IT Systems fully redundant phones systems ensures that in the unlikely event of a failure there are other options interconnected into your phone system so that you never miss a call.

Keep your existing phone numbers when relocating

With Applied IT Systems you can keep your existing phone numbers and take them with you no matter where you relocate to – across town or across the country.

Make free inter-office phone calls

IP Telephony allows you to make free calls between offices that are connected on the network.

Have 24/7 access to an Australian Call Centre

Applied IT Systems not only operates a 24/7 Australian Call Centre based in Brisbane, we also have technicians on call 24/7 if required.

Enhance productivity whilst increasing efficiencies and profitability

IP Telephony opens up an array of new productivity enhancing features such as Unified Communications, Voicemail to Email with push notification, Fax to Email and Web integration to make communication more efficient.

Install your new phone system with little or no out of pocket expenses

In many cases our free bill analysis uncovers savings of up to 75% per month that fund the upgrade to a new phone system so you don’t pay anything additional to upgrade technology.

Tailored Solutions to meet your specific business needs

Every customer has individual needs so we do not provide “cockie cutter” packages.  We tailor every customer solution to your particular requirements.  We only make a recommendation after we conducted a full site inspection and sit down in consultation with our clients.

We ask the questions that get the heart of what you are trying to achieve. Our sole focus is to provide solutions that address your primary objectives – functionality, efficiency and profitability.

And for the environmentally conscious we can make you office “green” by implementing a paperless fax system.

Peace of mind

Our Customer for Life Policy is designed to nurture lifelong customers, relationships and business partners.

Special offer is available until 31th January & includes:

  • $0 UPFRONT IP-PBX phone system
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Training
  • FREE Configuration
  • FREE Messages on Hold or GSM Gateway or wireless headset
  • FREE Communications assessment & bill analysis

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Collaborating with industry leading partners to deliver innovative technology solutions

Collaborating with industry leading partners to deliver innovative technology solutions