• Phone Systems

    As phone system specialists, Applied IT Systems delivers a range of cost effective solutions including on premises IP-PBX and cloud based systems for any size business, whether you have 2 users or 2000. Our partners include respected industry leaders such as Cisco, Aastra, Snom, Polycom & Yealink.
  • Business Internet

    Secured Internet connectivity is delivered by Applied IT Systems using a variety of access technologies such as DSL and Ethernet (over copper, optic fibre or microwave) with these technologies typically offering symmetric upload and download speeds unlike residential connections. Our services incorporate QoS (Quality of Service), latency and jitter control to ensure call priority and quality through our private business grade network.
  • Cloud Solutions

    Applied IT Systems offers a range of cloud based solutions including dedicated cloud servers, data centres, hosted exchange, cloud disaster recovery, hosted servers and offsite backup.
  • Web Design & SEO

    At Applied IT Systems we believe every website has a mission and our job is to understand yours and build you a website that sees you achieve it. A successful website does not happen by accident and our design team have developed effective processes to ensure great outcomes
  • Fax to Email

    Applied IT Systems cloud based Fax to Email is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to send and receive faxes. Receive faxes through your email instantly. You can choose your own local fax number for your area or country and this will be your unique fax number. However, should you choose to retain your current fax number, it can easily be ported to our network.
  • Support

    Applied IT Systems provides both onsite and remote support for our customers with technicians available 24/7 if required. For your convenience, our Help Desk allows you to submit a support request online to be actioned by the next available operator
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Save Money

  •  Initial investment, installation, ongoing management and maintenance all contribute to a much lower total cost of ownership for VoIP Phone Systems as compared to Legacy Phone Systems for even a basic feature set.
  •  Cost Savings begin with the consolidation of data and voice onto a single network. The savings continue with simplified management and maintenance of the network and phone system.
  •  Significant cost reduction by leveraging internet and increased productivity.
  •  Fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Enhance Productivity

  • VoIP opens up an array of new productivity enhancing features to make communication more efficient. E.g. features like Unified Communication, Virtual Numbers, Voicemail to Email with push notification, User Presence, Find-Me Follow-Me, Web integration, Fax to Email etc. are only possible on a VoIP Phone System.
  • With unified messaging, voicemail messages are delivered to the user’s email inbox.
  • VoIP phone numbers can be configured to simultaneously ring on multiple devices–such as your mobile phone and landline phones–before going to voice mail, thus eliminating time-consuming “phone tag.” In a recent survey conducted by Sage Research in the USA, the increased productivity enabled by internet telephony added up to 3.9 hours per week, per employee.

Easier Management

  • VoIP systems offer a user-friendly web-based interface for managing users, call settings, and features.
  • Greatly reduces the need for expensive support calls and site visits. Applied IT Systems IP-PBX’s are even remotely configurable and manageable.

Business System Integration (Enhance Efficiency)

  • VoIP systems can be integrated with business applications like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Contact Management software such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Outlook to name a few.
  • Enables features like Click to Dial and Screen Pops. E.g. a Sales Rep picks up a call and within seconds the caller’s order history pops up on the screen enabling the Sales Rep to see the customer’s past buying history and address their buying requirements. This greatly enhances the customer’s experience, reduces the time spent on each call and results in higher customer satisfaction and more repeat sales.
  • Outbound calls can be placed directly from Outlook, removing the need for the user to type in the phone number.

Scalable (Grow Easily)

  • Legacy phone systems are easy to outgrow.  Adding more phone lines or extensions often requires expensive hardware upgrades and a site visit by a technician. In some cases you may need an entirely new phone system.
  • VoIP allows for simple additions like phone lines, extensions, handsets and features via a web-based management system – ensuring your phone system grows with your business.

Built-in Mobility

  • Because VoIP Phones are IP based, they are like PC’s – move them from one connection to another and they find home and connect right back to the PBX server. As long as you have access to a broadband connection, you can use your VoIP system anywhere, such as in a hotel room or at a friend’s home.
  • Retain your existing service numbers when re-locating offices. Phone number limitations due to location are a non-issue with VoIP.
  • Virtual numbers can be assigned to your VoIP phone system to give you a presence in any region or city within Australia.

Enhanced Features

  • Since a VoIP Phone System is software based, it’s easy for software developers to develop, add and improve features. Therefore, VoIP phone systems come with a rich feature set, including auto attendant, voice mail, call queueing, optional voice recording, call accounting, Find-me Follow-me and more. These options are often very expensive in proprietary phone systems.
  • An IP network can also support real-time, high-quality, affordable video conferencing, call centre applications, multi-party conference calls and more.

 Remote Extensions

  • Employees can plug in a compatible IP handset into their home internet connection and be an extension of the office PBX.
  • Branch offices can be added to an existing VoIP PBX system by connection through the internet.
  • VoIP services can be set up to work anywhere in the world.

Multiple Failovers (Redundancy)

  • A VoIP PBX can be configured to automatically forward calls to a mobile phone or landline in the event of a power outage or loss of internet connection.
  • An optional GSM Gateway can be installed providing free calls to and from your office and mobile fleet and can also provide redundancy and failover via interconnection of the GSM Gateway into the PBX.

Collaborating with industry leading partners to deliver innovative technology solutions

Collaborating with industry leading partners to deliver innovative technology solutions