• Phone Systems

    As phone system specialists, Applied IT Systems delivers a range of cost effective solutions including on premises IP-PBX and cloud based systems for any size business, whether you have 2 users or 2000. Our partners include respected industry leaders such as Cisco, Aastra, Snom, Polycom & Yealink.
  • Business Internet

    Secured Internet connectivity is delivered by Applied IT Systems using a variety of access technologies such as DSL and Ethernet (over copper, optic fibre or microwave) with these technologies typically offering symmetric upload and download speeds unlike residential connections. Our services incorporate QoS (Quality of Service), latency and jitter control to ensure call priority and quality through our private business grade network.
  • Cloud Solutions

    Applied IT Systems offers a range of cloud based solutions including dedicated cloud servers, data centres, hosted exchange, cloud disaster recovery, hosted servers and offsite backup.
  • Web Design & SEO

    At Applied IT Systems we believe every website has a mission and our job is to understand yours and build you a website that sees you achieve it. A successful website does not happen by accident and our design team have developed effective processes to ensure great outcomes
  • Fax to Email

    Applied IT Systems cloud based Fax to Email is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to send and receive faxes. Receive faxes through your email instantly. You can choose your own local fax number for your area or country and this will be your unique fax number. However, should you choose to retain your current fax number, it can easily be ported to our network.
  • Support

    Applied IT Systems provides both onsite and remote support for our customers with technicians available 24/7 if required. For your convenience, our Help Desk allows you to submit a support request online to be actioned by the next available operator
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Provided by Applied IT Systems  Pty Ltd, Trading as Applied IT Systems( ABN 70 152 601 628  )

1. We have the right to suspend or discontinue service generally, or to disconnect your service, at any time. In addition we reserve the right to immediately disconnect your service at any time without notice.

Disconnection of your service may occur in the following circumstances.

a. – Unlawful or Inappropriate Use – If we determine that you have used our service or the provided device for an unlawful or inappropriate purpose. If we determine that the use or content does not conform to the requirements in this agreement or that it interferes with our ability to provide service to you or others.

b. – Non-Payment – If any charge to your payment method is declined or reversed, your payment method expires and you have not provided us with a valid replacement payment method, or in case of any other non-payment of account charges.

c. – Violation of Laws of Jurisdictions – If we determine that you have used our service or your device in violation of laws of jurisdictions outside of our service areas.

d. – Inconsistent Usage – If we determine that your use of the service, features, or the device is, or at any time was inconsistent with the normal inbound or outbound usage patterns for the type of service or plan that you have purchased.

e. – Tampering – If we determine that you have tampered with your device. In this instance we also reserve the right to charge you the full purchase price of any device provided to you for use with the service under a “special offer” scenario.

Our action, or inaction, under this section, does not constitute any review, or approval of your action, or use, or content.

Collaborating with industry leading partners to deliver innovative technology solutions

Collaborating with industry leading partners to deliver innovative technology solutions